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By Rule

  1. To begin your search, click on By Rule under Local Rules in the left frame.
  2. Select the County you want from the pull down menu.
  3. In the “Type Rule” box type the local rule number you are searching.
  4. Click on "Find It!" Or, hit Enter.

  5. If you fail to select a code you will receive an error message – “County has not been selected. Please select a county.”
  6. A new screen with your Search Results will appear.
  7. Below Search Results, you will find Records With Hits. A Hit is the number of times your search appears in a paragraph.
  8. Below the box is a Results Map. The Results Map is mainly for use in keyword searches.
  9. To see the results of your search, click on Click Here to View Results.
  10. The results of your search will appear in two frames. On the left is a Table with the local rule.
  11. In the right frame is the local rule.

  12. To view the rule in full screen, click on the Document icon in the bottom.
  13. For printing instructions, click here.
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