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  1. In the left frame where it says Search Local Rules, click on By Natural Language.
  2. A new screen will appear: Search Local Rules: Natural Language.
  3. Select the county you'd like to search.
  4. Place your cursor in the Type Search Terms box. Enter a phrase or sentence in plain English (e.g. "What are the requirements for filing a motion for summary judgment?")
  5. Click on "Find It!"
  6. The Search Results will appear followed by the local rules you are searching.
  7. Below are the “Most relevant hits listed” in a ranked format, with the source containing the most relevant material first. Many common terms, such as "and", "the” and the like will be omitted to speed up the search.
  8. On the "Search Results" page, click on the ranking number to view that source.
  9. The local rule in full screen will appear.
  10. For printing instructions, click here.
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