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At times you will need to annotate a Code Section to meet your particular needs. For instance, suppose you wanted to search Code of Civil Procedure Section 473. If you conducted a search for Code of Civil Procedure Section 473 in the 4th Series Cases database, you would get hundreds of Hits.

Suppose you want to research "attorney mistake" in the context of Code of Civil Procedure, Section 473.

  1. From the left frame click on Codes in Cases under Search Codes.
  2. A screen entitled Search: California: Codes: Codes in Cases will appear.
  3. Select a Code to annotate from the pull down menu.
  4. Type the Section in the appropriate box excluding subsections. (i.e. For Civil Code Section 1717, type 1717).
  5. To annotate specific sections of the California Constitution, type the article number in roman numerals, leave a space and type the section number (i.e. For Article III, Section 3, type III 3).
  6. Place your cursor in the Keyword box and type "attorney* mistake."
  7. Click on "Find it!" Or, hit Enter.
  8. Your Search Results will appear
  9. To see the results of your search, click on Click Here to View Results.
  10. The results of your search will appear in two frames. On the left is a Table of Contents with a list of cases containing your search, 473 attorney mistake.
  11. In the right frame is the full case corresponding to the case listed in the left frame.
  12. To view the case in full screen, click on the Document icon in the bottom frame.
  13. To view the Table of Contents in full screen, click on the Contents icon in the bottom frame.
  14. For printing instructions, click here.
  15. If you do not have the correct code section, use another search method such as Advanced Search or Natural Language Search. For More Help, click here
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