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  1. In the left frame where it says Search Cases, click on By Natural Language.
  2. A new screen will appear.

  3. Place your cursor in the Type Search Terms box. Enter a phrase or sentence in plain English (e.g. "When are attorneys fees authorized?")
  4. Select the database(s) you'd like to search.
  5. All databases are selected by default. If you would like to search only one database, click on the database you want to search. This database will remain highlighted.
  6. Click on "Find It!"
  7. The results will appear in a ranked format, with the source containing the most relevant material first. Many common terms, such as "and", "the” and the like will be omitted to speed up the search.
  8. The database in which you are searching will contain the “Most relevant hits listed,” including the ranking number and Hit Reference.

  9. To view the source, click on Hit Reference, on the case itself.
  10. Unlike with other searches, the results of your search will appear in full frame.

  11. If you are reading a case and come across a California case that you want to view, place your cursor directly on the citation of this case and click on the citation. You will go directly to the case cited. This is a hypertext jump. To return to the original case simply place the cursor on the Back arrow on your browser's toolbar, and you will return to your original case. [Note: This option works only for California cases and U.S. Supreme Court cases.]
  12. For printing instructions, click here.
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