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JuriSearch is easy to navigate. JuriSearch uses the industry standard FolioŽ search engine, one of the most user friendly, intuitive search engines around. The instructions on the screens are easy to follow.

Senior Research Attorneys and Technical Support are also at your service. Just call JuriSearch at 1-877-JURISEARCH or 1-877-587-4732 or email: support@myjurisearch.com.


  • Hyperlinks to other cases cited in the opinions

  • Easy cut and paste to your word processing program

  • Full Boolean logic search capabilities:

    Operator or Scope Examples
    And contract agreement
    contract and agreement
    Or contract | agreement
    contract or agreement
    Not contract not agreement
    Exclusive Or (XOR) contract xor agreement
    Phrase "summary judgment"     "bad faith"
    Single Character Wildcard wom?n     (woman, women)
    Multiple Character Wildcard work*     (work, works, working, workplace, etc.)
    Ordered Proximity "abuse discretion"/5
    Unordered Proximity "wrongful termination harassment"@15
    Stem (Word Form) run% (ran, runs, run - not runner)
    Thesaurus (Synonym) murder$