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JuriSearch® is an up-to-date, user-friendly, cost-effective, on-line legal research service.

What do I get as a JuriSearch® Member?

When you sign up for JuriSearch®, you will have access to Member Services including California Cases with cite checking capability, Florida Reports, California Codes, Florida Statutes, California Rules of Court, Florida Rules, Local Rules, interactive California Judicial Council forms and MORE!

Member Services

  • Daily Opinions: By Date and Area of Law

    Summaries for decisions of the California Supreme Court, California Courts of Appeal, U.S. Supreme Court and the 9th Circuit filed the previous day.

    Summaries for decisions of the Florida Supreme Court and Florida Districts Courts of Appeal.

    Cases taken from Daily Opinions and placed into a database so they are searchable.

  • California Supreme Court Cases and California Appellate Cases - with official pagination

    California Supreme Court Cases Second Series, Third Series and Fourth Series (Cal.2d, Cal.3d and Cal.4th) and California Appellate Cases Second Series, Third Series and Fourth Series (Cal.App.2d, Cal.App.3d and Cal.App.4th).

  • Florida Supreme Court Cases and Florida District Courts of Appeal Cases with official pagination

    Florida Supreme Court Cases and Florida District Courts of Appeal Cases from 1962 forward.

  • U.S. Reports

    United States Supreme Court reports going back to 1906 with selected opinions going back to 1793.

  • JS CheckMate

    Cite checking system for California Cases.

  • Electronic Case Histories

  • California Codes (all 29)

  • Florida Statutes

  • Codes in Cases

    An easy way to annotate your codes.

  • California Rules of Court

  • Florida Rules

  • Local Rules for all California Counties

  • Interactive Judicial Council Forms

  • Public Records

  • Fair Employment and Housing Commission Cases

  • Features

  • Hyperlinks to other cases cited in the opinions

  • Easy copy and paste to your word processing program

  • Full Boolean logic search capabilities
  • Other Resources

  • California Code of Regulations

  • California Courts Info

  • Links to 9th Circuit Cases since 1996

  • Links to California, Federal and Other Resources

  • Legislation

    Assembly Bills and Senate Bills.