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What’s the Buzz on JuriSearch?

"The Orange County Public Defenders Office has recently subscribed to Jurisearch. The service is easy to use, accurate and indispensable to our daily practice. Particularly helpful is that Jurisearch can be quickly accessed from home, providing our attorneys essential citations during their late evening trial or motion preparations. Jurisearch gets the job done, even for those of us who are computer challenged and possess molasses modems." –Lee Blumen,Deputy Public Defender, Orange County Public Defenders Office, Writs & Appeals, Orange, CA, 7/24/2000
"Jurisearch provides a format which is extremely easy to use. All the law of California is at your fingertips. If you need help, a tech support person who understands legal research is immediately available. Jurisearch is an excellent legal research tool that works." David Allen, Managing Shareholder, David Allen & Associates, a Law Firm., Sacramento, CA, 7/21/2000
"Better than Westlaw! You are their leading competitor!" -Mary M. Heffernan, MMH Paralegal Services, Santa Rosa, CA, 7/11/2000
"I just used CheckMate for the first time. I think it is a tremendous improvement. Your service is terrific, and it just got better. Thank you." -Jo Ann Wedding, Wedding & McNair, Ventura, CA, 11/17/1999
"Thank you. I appreciate your easy-to-use service." -Michael S. Fields, Law Offices of Michael S. Fields, Beverly Hills, CA, 11/13/1999
"You have a ‘great company’ and provide excellent service. I have ‘sold’ your company to at least three other attorneys and have recommended your service to a least two dozen others. You're great for the small office, probably large ones too." -Richard M. Katz, Law Offices of Richard M. Katz, Pasadena, CA, 11/13/1999
"I think that every person on your staff deserves a raise. You have been an enormous help to me, especially when I was totally disabled and could not get to the law library on my own." -Sandra Carr, Law Offices of Sanra G. Carr, San Jose, CA, 11/13/1999
"I think the new services are terrific. Keep up the good work." -Sally Williams, Law Offices of Sally A. Williams, Santa Cruz, CA, 11/13/1999
"Glad to hear about checkmate! As far as I’m concerned, your service, which was already excellent, is now complete. Keep up the good work." -Roger Vosburg, Roger M. Vosburg, A Law Corporation, Novato, CA, 11/13/1999
"CheckMate and Case Histories are a great addition to Jurisearch." -Dean Gordon, Law Offices of Dean B. Gordon, Fresno, CA, 11/12/1999
"Keep up the great work!" -Shawn Mills, Moraz & Mills, Monterey, CA, 5/5/1999
"Thank you for making my life a lot easier. No more late night trips to the library. No more publishers with their outrageous prices. God bless you and your dog." -Dale Atherton, Law Offices of Dale R. Atherton, Pasadena, CA,, 11/10/1999
"I enjoyed using your program, and please thank Patricia (and others) for their help when I was having problems, and for helping me find information which I needed."         -Milly Durovic, San Diego Public Defenders Office, San Diego, CA, 11/9/1999
"Great site. Keep up the good work." -Joseph Stone, Law Offices of Joseph Stone, Simi Valley, CA, 11/8/1999
"Your system [is] one of the best on-line systems for any purpose." -D. R. Wiser, Law Offices of Edward Hoffman, Orange, CA, 6/2/1999
"Thank you again for great service." -Marla Robinson, Law Offices of Marla Robinson, Santa Ana, CA, 5/26/1999
"I’m a solo practitioner and I recently used Jurisearch to do all of my research for a jury trial that I handled. Jurisearch is great!!!" -Kimberly Lee, Law Offices of Kimberly Jackson Lee, Los Angeles, CA, 5/26/1999
"Thanks for a terrific service." -Leslie Ellen Shear, Law Offices of Leslie Shear, Encino, CA, 5/9/1999